Easier way to install on 3ware 9550 card?

Peter Giessel pgiessel at mac.com
Wed Jan 10 09:21:30 PST 2007

On Wednesday, January 10, 2007, at 01:22AM, "Dan Mahoney, System Admin" <danm at prime.gushi.org> wrote:
>On Wed, 3 Jan 2007, John Nielsen wrote:
>Apologies for top-posting.
>I've made some progress with this, but as I suspected, I'm screwed on 
>"namespace collision".  I.e. I am unable to load a version of twa.ko that 
>supports my 3ware card because a previous version of twa.ko that does not 
>support it is already in the generic kernel.  Changing the name of the 
>loadable doesn't help, either.
>It looks like I might have to make my own release, and my own ISO, using 
>the driver source from the 3ware site.
>Does anyone have an easier way of doing this?
>I've already emailed Scott Long asking about the possibility of the 
>inclusion of the new twa driver in the next FreeBSD, but I fear we're too 
>far down the release process, so it could be a YEAR before there's a 
>RELEASE that supports it.

When I was dealing with this issue on my own server, the solution I used
(which may or may not work for you) is that I took a cheep old IDE drive
and plugged it into the built in IDE controller on my motherboard.

I installed to and booted off this drive, installed the updated .ko to the
IDE drive's installation.  Now the 9550's arrays showed up, so I used
dump/restore to move the working installation onto the 9550's
partitions, shutdown, pulled the IDE drive out, and booted off the
9550's partitions and all was well.

Like I say, it may or may not work for you depending on if you have
an IDE controller someplace or an empty PCI slot that you could
use to set things up with.


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