Simple DoS

Derek Ragona derek at
Wed Jan 10 15:39:29 UTC 2007

Your client caused their own DOS by making it impossible to route network 
traffic.  Basically causing an arp storm.  In simple terms, don't do that.

Not much you can do with dumb clients, except reward them with a bill for 
their actions.


At 08:53 AM 1/10/2007, Nejc Škoberne wrote:
>yesterday one of our clients did something interesting (stupid): they
>connected both ends of an UTP cable to the same switch, to which our
>FreeBSD server was also connected. The server was immediately completely
>unresponsive from yesterday evening until this morning, when our tech
>guy went there to see what the problem was. Even when they rebooted
>the FreeBSD machine, it wouldn't boot normally - disk I/O was very
>busy and everything was happening unusably slow. After the disconnect
>from that switch, everything went back to normal.
>Any ideas how to prevent such situations in the future? (I would like
>to do it on the server side, not on the "user side".)

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