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Marc G. Fournier wrote:
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>> That was my thought as well. I have my pop toasters all mounting a NFS mail
>> store and when NFS goes away I don't have my NFS clients doing a fsck when
>> the mount returns.
>> Not sure if that is important as iSCSI is all new to me, still reading up on
>> it. Does FreeBSD do anything special to a NFS mount when it returns?
> 'k, maybe I'm misunderstanding things, but iSCSI != NFS 

I never said it was, my rather poor example (I said I was new to iSCSI) 
was if a remote file system crashes, who should fsck it? The server 
(Target) or the client (Initiator)?

> ... iSCSI is just 
> removing your SCSI drives from your local server and putting them in a 
> different location (over an ethernet connection) ... with NFS, you have one 
> server to which multiple clients can connect ... with iSCSI, you have a 
> one-to-one mapping of a file system on the 'target' to the server in question 
> ... so, again, it was my understanding that stuff like an fsck is the 
> responsibility of the server, not the target, same as if the SCSI drives were 
> local to the server ...

As I thought. However, I clearly don't know much about iSCSI, though I 
know more with every page I read. I will always defer to those with 
experience, which is why I ask (sometimes stupid) questions ;^)


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