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linux quest linuxquest7570 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 9 17:18:40 UTC 2007

Thanks ... I think the 'rehash' command does help a bit... at least now, when I type 'nmap', I can see the help manual (before this, there was just error msg). However, now, when I type 'nmap', (where is the PC that I wanted to scan) ... I got the message ... 

'Limiting closed port RST response from 283 to 200 packets/sec'

May I know how do I get nmap to scan the computer?


Linux Quest

Niclas Zeising <niclas.zeising at gmail.com> wrote:
 On 1/9/07, linux quest 

> After running nmap for some time, I have got problem running a simple command of nmap ... like


> nmap

> nmap: Command not found


> I think there is something wrong with my installation procedures. I type in "make install clean" command in /usr/local/bin/nmap and /usr/ports/security/nmap - but somehow I still see the "command not found" message.


> I have also typed in "make deinstall clean" on both of the directory location, restart the OS, and install everything again using the "make install clean" command (on both of the directory location) - but I still receive the same "nmap: Command not found" message.


> Thanks for the help :)


> Regards,

> Linux Quest

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Have you tried running "rehash" after the install? If you're using

[t]csh this is nessesary to make the shell discover new commands.

You only need to do "make install clean" in ports/security/nmap, not

in local/bin/nmap.




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