Nmap Scan from FreeBSD OS - Coding Question

Vince jhary at unsane.co.uk
Tue Jan 9 12:59:56 UTC 2007

linux quest wrote:
> I am currently doing a simple penetration testing for my company in a LAN environment. Yes, I have already downloaded NMap by using the 'make install' command... and it did fetched the required files from insecure.org successfully.
> My question will be, how can I create a Network Program in .c that will invoke the
nmap capabilities to scan the network or computers? Example, lets say, I
want an automated nmap scan to run on FreeBSD to scan and , every morning at 10am - may I know how do I achieve that?
I hope someone can show me a simple coding to invoke nmap scan, thanks :)
you dont really need c for this, a simple shell script run from cron
would do fine.
something like

RECEPIENTS="someone at somewhere.com"
SUBJECT="namp scan results"

save that somewhere and remember to chmod it to be executable

add a line like
1       10       *       *       *     /path/to/script

to the appropriate users crontab
(change /path/to/script to the location of the script)

and you should get the output emailed to you every morning.

> Thanks :)
> Regards,
> Linux Quest
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