Why is sysinstall considered end-of-life?

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Mon Jan 8 14:55:28 UTC 2007

Ivan Voras wrote:

>> I've read up a few things stating that sysinstall is at its
>> end-of-life and there are plans to replace it. I'm wondering about the
>> reasons or rationale behind this.
>  Two reasons AFAIK:
>   1. it simply doesn't even know how deal with the more modern
>   features like GEOM & RAID, more advanced authentication
>   mechanisms (nsswitch), and devices like sound cards (there are
>   many more in this list...)

	There's a strong argument often made it behaves correctly in
this regard.  The job of sysinstall is to bring a basic system up
and running (thus enabling the use of more conventional tools), not
to be tha all-singing, all-dancing, fill-out-the-taxes-and-change-
the-baby's-diaper installation program.  Should you want one of
those, I'm sure you could talk to MicroSoft.  :-)
	Even if you accept that position, there are things it could do
differently, do better, and even do at all.

				Robert Huff

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