Tuning PostgreSQL for bulk imports

Abdullah Al-Marrie almarrie at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 07:51:22 UTC 2007

Kirk Strauser wrote:
> I have an hourly job that converts our legacy Foxpro database into
> PostgreSQL tables so that our web applications, etc. can run reports off
> the data in a reasonable amount of time.  Believe it or not, this has been
> running perfectly in production for over a year.  The only problem I'd
> still like to solve is that loading the data pegs the filesystem at 100%
> for many minutes at a time.

Why did you choose PostgreSQL over MySQL 5.0.x?

Is the latest PostgreSQL release performance much better than MySQL
5.0.x in RELENG_6 with SMP and 2 GB of ram now?


-Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Marri
Arab Portal

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