Why is sysinstall considered end-of-life?

Tore Lund toreld at netscape.net
Mon Jan 8 00:36:03 UTC 2007

Robert Huff wrote:
> (Personally, I think there are also points where the correct user
> behavior is not intuitively obvious.)

An understatement.  There are situations where sysinstall is positively
quixotic.  I don't mind the simple character-based interface.  But I do
find it worrying that I sometimes cannot know what sysinstall will do
next.  In any case, this is bad publicity for FreeBSD since sysinstall
is the first bit of FreeBSD they encounter.

Time and again we hear rumors about a new installation program.  Is it
actually nearing completion?  Keep in mind that many of us do not even
consider getting involved as long as we believe a better program is
under way.

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