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pete wright nomadlogic at
Fri Jan 5 22:41:02 UTC 2007

On 1/5/07, Juan Ortega <juan13 at> wrote:
> Hi, I have freeBSD 6.2-RC2
> I installed vmware3 from the ports tree but I get an
> error when I run it.
> **************************************************
> It seems linux procfs is not mounted on
> /compat/linux/proc.
> VMware does not work without Linux procfs mounted.
> For details, see linprocfs(5) manpage.
> ***************************************************
> I read the linprocfs and linux handout put I'm still
> having problems with it.
> Is linprocfs a command? or something to mount it,
> because I cant find it on xterm.

you need to mount the linux proc filesystem.  a good place to start is
to carefully reread the linprocfs manpage.  you are going to have to
enable Linux compatibility on your FreeBSD system as well.  in
addition to becoming familiar with the excellent online handbook this
section specifically will be helpfull to you as well:


Pete Wright
NYC's *BSD User Group

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