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> Which of the ports provides the best SPF implementation for FreeBSD running
> sendmail?
> I messed around with SPF when it was still in it's infancy.  There seem to be
> more choices now.  I value ease of use if that is a useful discrimination.  I
> really need to add something to spamassasin to prevent receiving the spam in
> the first place.  I hate spending time on this but these guys are killing me.

SPF is on the way out ... check out:


There are other links, but this one talks about how Earthlink has drop'd it 
this past year:

"At about the same time, Earthlink equally quietly removed the SPF records 
theyd been publishing for at least a year. That was particularly surprising 
because SPF originator Meng Wong had been working with Earthlink to get their 
SPF set up. If Meng cant make SPF work, who can?"

Its one of those technologies that requires everyone to adopt it to be somewhat 
effective ...

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