FreeBSD Installer vs RedHat Linux Fedora Core Installer?

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Thu Jan 4 19:58:30 UTC 2007

On Thu, Jan 04, 2007 at 10:56:01AM -0800, Peter aka SweetPete wrote:

> Re the FreeBSD Installer--
> I think that more specifically, I would like and lots of users in the *nix
> community probably would not mind, if sysinstall could handle installing to
> a partially used HDD.  Can sysinstall do that? *naive looks*

Yup.  The machine I am typing on at the moment is that way.

> I have heard o' wondrous a' tale about (hmmmm which was it Ubuntu or
> Xandros/theWindowsyLinux?) Linux installers that can shrink unused space of
> a current partition, and then go along its merry way and install to the
> other part of a HDD.

Guess you need to do some perusing of the handbook.
That is what is done for a dual boot machine.   Of course, the
other part of the disk does not have to have a different OS installed
on it, but usually it does - typical is some microsloth Windows thing
along with FreeBSD or often some Linux along with the FreeBSD.
For example, on this machine I shrunk a 70 GB drive with Win-XP 
installed on it down to about 30 GB for XP and put FreeBSD on the

> So I guess my [I want what HE HAS..] question is - if I have Linux Fedora
> Core on my HDD which is using one huge single partition, what do I do so
> that I can install FreeBSD to the rest of the disk??  I miss FreeBSD.

Do some handbook reading.   It is all there as well as there are lots of
postings in this email list on it - I have made so many that people 
are beginning to ignore them.   Check the archives.

The only nasty is that the last I knew, the freeware utilities for
shrinking disk (FreeBSD has two) don't handle MS NTFS type file systems.
They do handle FAT16 and FAT32, no problem.    So, if you want to
shrink an NTFS filesystem and make it stay NTFS, you will have to
buy a disk manager such as Partition Magic for around $70.  There 
are also others and some may be cheaper, but PM has worked well for

Anyway, if you want to dualboot Fedora, then you aren't talking NTFS


> Thanks so much, All!!!
> -Peter
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> Also, an interesting thing is that sysinstall required (at least in my
> case) a clean filesystem / partition tables every time I tried to
> install. Whenever I installed with a partially or complete filesystem,
> sysinstall would die every single time when installing when fetching /
> extracting sources.
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