FreeBSD Installer vs RedHat Linux Fedora Core Installer?

Andrew Pantyukhin infofarmer at
Thu Jan 4 04:37:00 PST 2007

On 1/4/07, Robert C Wittig <wittig.robert at> wrote:
> Sunnz wrote:
> > Perhaps the stability of FBSD has led to the infrequent use of the
> > installer for (re)installation. Think about it: if you are using the
> > installer frequent enough to worry about how it look like, what are
> > you doing? Reinstalling your OS every several months?
> >
> Personally, I prefer the FreeBSD and OpenBSD installers to the more
> GUI-type installers used by Microsoft.
> Initially, I had to do some Googling, and studying up, to learn the
> installation procedures, the various options available, which options
> were best for which types of installs, etc.
> After that was done, I had a nice little spiral notebook with a bunch of
> hand-written notes, and a nice pile of URLs to refer to, as needed.
> This is the UNIX way... once the OS is installed, one is still going to
> still have to understand the ins and outs of the operating system, the
> LAN, TCP/IP, etc., and learn enough about C/C++, shell scripting, and
> correct syntax in general, to edit their config files in vi, and
> understand the man pages.
> Making the installer any 'easier' to use than the operating system
> itself is to run and administer, seems pointless.

I remember I had this official MS Windows 2000 beta
CD. On its casing there was a picture of a would-be
industry professional, sitting at his PC with one
hand on the keyboard and the other one going through
a thick reference manual. The picture was too small
to make out what was there on his screen, but I bet
the guy was a Unix newbie, working his way through
the first installation in his life or whatever :-)

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