Massive upgrade after updating gnutls-1.4.5 port

dick hoogendijk dick at
Thu Jan 4 01:12:34 PST 2007

On 03 Jan José G. Juanino wrote:
> I read in the UPDATING file:
> ###
> gnutls has been updated to 1.6.1 and all shared libraries' versions have
> been bumped. So you need to rebuild all applications that depend on
> gnutls. Do something like:
> portupgrade -rf gnutls
> ###
> I run pkg_glob -r gnutls-1.4.5 and get 42 packages, including
> k3b-0.12.17 and abiword-2.4.6 among other
> (I mentioned only some of the biggest to build in my slow pentium III
> computer).

This thing seems to happen more often nowadays in FreeBSD. I hate it. I
have a reasonable fast Athlon-3400, but still. I do not think a machine is
supposed to spent so much time on building. I know you don't have to
'touch' the ports and could run a plain release. But who does this?

Anyway, it's annoying to me. But that's of course a personal view ;-)

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