RAM + net => busdma dflt_lock crash

Richard Lynch ceo at l-i-e.com
Wed Jan 3 23:19:47 PST 2007

Hello again!

I am having an issue with FreeBSD 6.1 on a laptop, a Dell Inspiron 700m.

You may remember me from Autumn of 2004 trying this with 5.2.1 and
having troubles...  Or not.

Anyway, I was told that 6.x was working on this hardware, and I tried
it, and it was great!

Until I put in the 2nd Gig RAM card. :-(

That consistently yields:
busdma dflt_lock
and a forced reboot.

I can take out the RAM card, and life is good.

I can put in the RAM card, and leave the network cable unplugged, and
life is good.

I've run memtest for 9+ hours and 7 Passes with 0 errors, with the 2nd
RAM card, so it's almost-for-sure not the RAM itself, right?

I can put in the 2nd RAM card, leave the network cable unplugged, and
run for awhile.  Then I plug in the network cable, the bfe device
tries to come up, and "BaM!":
dusdma dflt_lock
forced reboot crash

I can do all the above several times over, with the exact same results.

I've re-installed FreeBSD, just in case, with a pretty minimal install:
base, man, ports dir, and the other required bit I cannot recall
now...  kernel?

I did not do anything funky like SMP or anything.  I did use "Custom"
install, as I'm a custom a la carte kind of guy...

I've got a vmcore.0 dumpdev/savecore output file, all 2 GIG of it, or
you can get the .gz version, which is "only" 150M, if you want to
gunzip it:

I'm also posting any high-level results here for others to be able to
use FreeBSD 6.2 on this hardware:

[Note different servers, as the 2 Gig file would not fit on the one,
but I didn't want to move the old article...]

I'd sure appreciate any help on getting both the 2nd GIG of RAM and
the network at the same time, rather than having to choose. :-)

Failing that, since I do boot into Windows occasionally for browser
testing or Windows-specific software...

Is there some easy way of convincing FreeBSD to just completely ignore
that second RAM chip, even thought it's in the box?

I'm sure I could survive with "only" 1 G of RAM when I boot into BSD,
at least in the short term.

Actually, I guess I could survive with only 1 G across the board, but
I paid big money (for me) for that second Gig...


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