FreeBSD Installer vs RedHat Linux Fedora Core Installer?

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Wed Jan 3 13:18:43 PST 2007

On Wed, Jan 03, 2007 at 11:42:35AM -0800, Peter aka SweetPete wrote:

> Hello, I used to be on this mailing list several years ago, and have
> recently rejoined.
>   vs.
> Could I begin a thread (now) about a comparison (and relatively
> inferiorness) of the following two installers please??  I WOULD run
> FreeBSD at home instead of Fedora if the installer were more .....erm,
> """Microsoftly."""

I would suggest starting a separate list for this.
This topic has been beat to death on this list and everyone
is weary of it.

You can fish through the archives for lots of posts.

It comes down to most FreeBSD users do not want a cuter Gui-er installer
that interferes with just doing things in a straightforward way nor
one that makes decisions for them.   They want to boot it, pick what
they need (not what some self-named guru thinks they need) and then
let it run.

It is acknowledged that some pieces of the installer might be getting
a bit old and creaky, but it works and you only use it once per install.
There are lots of other things to work on that get used lots of times
per day that people can put their time in to, plus advances in the
general design and implementation of some advanced features for the OS.
So, you won't get much sympathy on weaknesses in the installer that
only gets used twice per year and especially to make it more (ugghh gaaag)

There are people who have created their own contained install versions
of FreeBSD that includes their own favorite install choices and glob
of ports, made a bootup CD of it that will plunk that on a machine.
You could play with one of those or make up your own.   It takes some
big initial work, but is pretty easy after that.    One that comes to
mind is Freesbie and there are others.

So, make up your own list to jaw about your favorite install choices
and ports set and create your own contained install version.
Have fun and avoid being thought a troll by trying to jam this subject 
down people's throats yet one more time.


> Do you among the developer circle hear this kind of thing from time to time?
> Mucho oblingato con queso (cheese).
> -Peter
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