i18rabbit at i18rabbit at
Wed Jan 3 08:23:43 PST 2007

i am interested in finding out the best
ways to stop denial-of-service attacks
on a live MP3 streaming server.  the
information presented has created a
large group of people that work
together to overwhelm the server
whenever the radio broadcast streams.
what is the most effective way to set
up an MP3 live streaming server to
automatically detect/block these
kind of DOS attacks?

i am not directly running the server,
but it is possible that i may do so,
and in the least, i do have an
advisory capacity with the
people that do (they are in
the MS Windows world which
i know nothing about), and
i would be interested to know
if FreeBSD has capabilities in
this area that Windows servers
do not.

things i thought of as possibilities
were setting up a free registration
which would force attackers to re-register
everytime they get banned - or some kind of
bandwidth limiting thing that would disconnect
IP's or 24-bit IP ranges if an IP downloaded
too much too fast - i don't know all the
possibilities, but it seems to me that
it should be possible to recognize
abusers and drop them from further
HTTP connections. 

any ideas would be greatly appreciated,
please ditto a copy of any replies
off-list - thanks.

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