starting KDE after install .. -not-

bobmc bobmc at
Tue Jan 2 23:04:05 PST 2007

Paul Schmehl wrote:
> --On January 3, 2007 12:46:10 AM -0500 bobmc <bobmc at> wrote:
>> After KDE is installed, "startx" still launches the twm default
>> X manager.  Diligent RTFM only tells me it should work once the
>> Xserver is configured for the video hardware and monitor.
>> WindowMaker provides a pleasant GUI once I create a $HOME/.xinitrc
>> file. Firefox and Thunderbird work fine. However, nowhere can I find
>> instructions for the complete integration of KDE and I am missing the
>> use of K3b and other useful apps included with KDE. -Bob-
> Try this.  Edit /etc/ttys thus:
> ttyv8   "/usr/local/bin/kdm -nodaemon"  xterm   on secure
>> From the Handbook.
> Paul Schmehl (pauls at
> Senior Information Security Analyst
> The University of Texas at Dallas
Thank you for the clue .. it was set to xdm. However, xdm hides the console
to present a graphical login.  I am trying to launch KDE after logging in so
changing /etc/ttys has no effect.    -Bob-

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