lang/gcc41 woes

Gerald Pfeifer gerald at
Tue Jan 2 15:38:07 PST 2007

On Mon, 1 Jan 2007, Anthony Michael Agelastos wrote:
> The updated lang/gcc41 port is having difficulties compiling for my setup.
> Below is the error along with some useful machine information. Does anyone
> have any ideas? Thank you for your assistance.

Yours is the second report with this build failure that I have seen
(neither me nor the FreeBSD ports clusters have encountered this so

The other reporter had a FreeBSD 6.1 system as well.  In his case, he
saw the problem on a system that he had upgraded from FreeBSD 5.x;  a
different system which he had installed from scratch did not see this.

This may be a strawman, though, perhaps it's some other settings that
one machine had, and not the other.

> CPUTYPE?=pentium3
> CFLAGS= -O -pipe
> CXXFLAGS+= -fconserve-space

I'd be interested to see whether the problem also occurs if you remove
these (or, in fact, all entries from make.conf)?  Just an idea...


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