FreeBSD on Mini-ITX has web page latency

bobmc bobmc at
Tue Jan 2 09:18:30 PST 2007

Well, it seems that the driver and the hardware works so there must be
a problem in the generic part of the software.  There are plenty of tools
for networking analysis but I am not a networking adept. So I will
carefully repeat the install.  Thanks.  -Bob-

BTW, my other computer is a Biostar Ideq SFF with Via chipsets. FreeBSD
reports a 6102 ethernet but cannot map the interrupt. Instead it wants to
emulate ethernet on FireWire.  But that is for another day.  :-)

Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Bob McIsaac <bobmc at> writes:
> FreeBSD using Konqueor or Lynx takes more than 10 seconds.  This is puzzling since ftp transfers at 400kbs, pings of take 80ms, and top shows CPU is 93% idle.
> I take it, then, that FreeBSD is the web client, not the server?  
> Have you checked for whether the delays are being caused by name
> service, before the HTTP session is even started?
>> This is for a EPIA-CN130000 mini-itx with .5gb memory.
>> Note the message log sees a VT6102 LAN but the board has a 6103. Perhaps that explains the problem. Otherwise, it must be a protocol issue.
> A similarly identified interface works okay for me on my Via C3
> board.  Admittedly, they are lousy chips, but you should't notice for
> most purposes.

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