more then one external link with pf

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Tue Jan 2 06:50:27 PST 2007

Well i have purchased another Internal Connection to provide my client
computer more speed to specific protocols & also its cheaper this
way :)

Now i want to use my previous internet link "DSL" to provide only
access to specific protocols like Http, Https  Dns etc etc. and use
this one for all protocols

but my current pf.conf doesn't provide this i try searching the web & could only figure out this ...






ports = "22 53 80 443 "

table <allowedclients> persist file "/etc/allowedclients"

nat on $extif inet proto {icmp, tcp, udp } from <servers> to any  -> $extad

nat on $extif inet proto {tcp, udp } from <allowedclients> to port { $ports } -> (pcn0)

nat on $extif2 inet proto {tcp, udp } from <allowedclients> to any -> (fxp0)

rdr on $intif proto tcp from <allowedclients> to any port 80 -> $chadd port 8080

pass out on $extif inet proto { tcp, udp } from <allowedclients> to any port { $ports }

now the problem is that traffic is only directed to one link either cable or dsl both links arent being used at a time.
Thank you 

Happy New Year 

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