sshd break-in attempt

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Tue Jan 2 05:37:06 PST 2007

Nathan Vidican writes:

>  In our 'periodic daily' report/email, (only the list goes on for
>  hundreds of attempts). Anyhow, long story short; is there not an
>  easy way to make sshd block or deny hosts temporarily if X number of
>  invalid login attempts are made within a minute's time? Must I use
>  an external wrapper to accomplish this, or can it be done with
>  options to sshd on it's own? 

	I don't know of any internal-to-ssh way to do this.  Me, I use
security/denyhosts; it's a minor pain to configure though that only
need be done once.

				Robert Huff

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