which web mail / calendar to use

Nathan Vidican nvidican at wmptl.com
Tue Jan 2 05:35:32 PST 2007

Michael Grant wrote:
> I'm looking for a web mail and calendar to install on my freebsd box.
> Ideally something "web 2.0" like gmail and google calendar is what my
> users are after.
> In some searching around, I turned up Hula (http://hula-project.org)
> and Zimbra (http://www.zimbra.com).  Both have open-source versions.
> Zimbra seems more mature.  Neither seems to be easy to install on an
> existing freebsd box and both seem to replace everything including the
> mailer and popd/imapd.  It's not clear to me if anyone has ever
> succeeded in getting Hula working on Freebsd.
> Has anyone had any luck with any other packages?
> Michael Grant
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I'm using Horde, has a nice homepage-builder like, with support for 
calendars, email, and news/rss feeds as well. Clean, simple, easy to 
navigate interface - highly reccomend for ldap email. If using pop3, or 
running on local mail server - go with OpenWebMail - way easier, and 
supports decent calendaring interface.

Just my two cents ;) - been using openwebmail as primary mail reader for 
passed several years, now using imap and Mozilla Thunderbird + Horde via 
web when not at desk... both work excellent.

Nathan Vidican
nvidican at wmptl.com
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