what is operator group for?

Chris Whitehouse chris at childeric.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Jan 1 09:33:30 PST 2007

perryh at pluto.rain.com wrote:
>> I want a regular user to be able to mount removeable media and shutdown 
>> the computer. If I make them a member of operator group what else am I
>> allowing them to do?
> With the usual permission settings, you are also allowing them to read
> disks directly (e.g. with dump(8)), and thus to read any file on the
> system -- including the system's and other users' private key files.

Good point, thanks

> One alternative is sudo.

There are some notes somewhere about setting up a group and setting 
permissions in devfs.conf and devfs.rules which I have been using. I 
thought maybe using operator would be more convenient. Doing my own 
setup is fiddly but I know what they are allowed. And sudo for shutting 
down works fine.

Thanks for the reply.


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