Backspace key "<-" not mapping to ^H

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Wed Feb 28 23:39:42 UTC 2007

On Wed, 28 Feb 2007, Thomas Dickey wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 06:33:54AM -0800, Garrett Cooper wrote:
>> Jordan Gordeev wrote:
>>> Gary Kline wrote:
>>>>    I'm not sure whether this just in Ubuntu or in the Gnome desktop
> ...
>>>>    servers.  I thought I'd ask here before I dig into this.  I think
>>>>    a new xterm was recently updated in ports; not  sure if tat is a
>>>>    factor or not.
> no (I don't recall making changes in that area).
>>> See stty(1) and termios(4). You should modify the erase or erase2 values.
> reasonable (Ubuntu uses Debian packages iirc, which makes it use DEL,
> FreeBSD uses BS for erase, etc).
>> The terminal settings available from gnome (if you open up an xterm /
>> Gnome terminal shell using the Terminal command under the menu) has
> gnome-terminal isn't xterm (OP isn't making that distinction either).
> xterm has menu settings which can change the assignment of BS/DEL to the
> "backspace" key (unlike gnome-terminal, it has a manpage describing these
> details ;-).
> --
> Thomas E. Dickey

You can set the default terminal in gnome to be xterm instead of Gnome Terminal. Gnome then wraps xterm in a program they call "Terminal" which you can setup to your liking using the preferences accessible from the menu.

That's what I meant. Just relaying my experience because I had a similar problem recently with Suse.


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