Backspace key "<-" not mapping to ^H

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Wed Feb 28 14:34:18 UTC 2007

Jordan Gordeev wrote:
> Gary Kline wrote:
>>     I'm not sure whether this just in Ubuntu or in the Gnome desktop
>>     or what, but for days, when I type mail in vi in mutt, sometimes
>>     I get a "^?" when I hit the backspace.  ^H still works to back up
>>     and correct my typos, but that's lots more work that what my
>>     fingers are accustomed to.  It may be when I'm ssh'd across
>>     servers.  I thought I'd ask here before I dig into this.  I think
>>     a new xterm was recently updated in ports; not  sure if tat is a
>>     factor or not.
>>     xev understands that the b'space key is a backspace and tells me
>>     the keycode.  Should I just us xmodmaprc to fix this?  thanks
>>     for any clues!!
>>     gary
> See stty(1) and termios(4). You should modify the erase or erase2 values.

The terminal settings available from gnome (if you open up an xterm / 
Gnome terminal shell using the Terminal command under the menu) has 
various options which do the same thing, without touching the stty and 
termios values, while accomplishing properly deletion in your terminal 


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