Getting errors while trying to use new Mysql 50 port and pkg

Nicole Harrington drumslayer2 at
Tue Feb 27 20:16:51 UTC 2007

 I have 2 database servers running as slaves from a
Master database. One (db2) is running FreeBSD
6.2-PRERELEASE from October. The other, (db3) on a new
build of FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE. Both are AMD64. 

 Db2 is running mysql 5.0.24a and has been working
 Db3 however, running mysql 5.0.33 keeps giving an
error 127 after awhile, for a couple of our tables.
The tables all check as ok.

 070227 11:24:48 [ERROR] Got error 127 when reading
table './user_info'

 We had this problem before with the ports built
version on db2, but when we switched to the pkg build
it went away. Now none of the build options seem to
work and sadly I do not have the old copy of mysql
5.024a to try on this server.  (forgot to use -K)

 I have tried the Ports build with and without various
optimizations, the Pkg build and a downloaded binary 
from mysql. (5.0.27) All produced the errors within an
hour of running. 

 perror shows this to mean:
 MySQL error code 127: Record-file is crashed.

 When the error is reported, the query that caused it
responds with an error, but all other queries work.
 Running a repair on the tables shows everything ok.

 Any suggestions greatly appreciated!



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