Squirrelmail Calendar Broken After Upgrade?

Kevin Kinsey kdk at daleco.biz
Tue Feb 27 19:13:10 UTC 2007

chris at chrismaness.com wrote:
> I just upgraded php due to a security issue, so I have upgraded
> squirrelmail too.  The calendar no longer has administration options and
> all of the entries we have added disappeared.  I looked on their site for
> documentation of this issue, but no luck.  Maybe it is a specific issue
> with the ports anyone else experiencing the same problem?

Just guessing, but it seems kind of likely that upgrading Squirrelmail 
overwrote your config file?  I've not used SM for a while (RoundCube 
now) but most PHP apps have a "config.php" or similar which might 
contains such things at database authentication information ... the lack 
of which would, most likely, cause just the sort of effect you describe.

Kevin Kinsey

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