named not starting during boot

Vince jhary at
Tue Feb 27 17:15:20 UTC 2007

>> because there are security exploits and keeping upto date version is
>> important to me.

Patched and available to via freebsd-update (and cvs and cvsup and the
links in FreeBSD-SA-07:02.bind) since 9th but thats by the by.

> I actually rolled my own version of Bind (9.4.0) and have it working
> perfectly and starting under rc.conf
> (I had to edit /etc/rc.d/named though)
hmm there's a port for 9.4, but since it doesnt have the options for DLZ
which i hear is now integrated i guess you need to roll your own for
that stuff. you could probably have got away with just setting some
configure options (like --sysconfdir=/etc/namedb) and the named_program
variable in /etc/rc.conf rather than hacking /etc/rc.d/named though.

> -JD
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