kernel panic at boot on any 6.x OS

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Tue Feb 27 04:33:27 UTC 2007

On 2007-Feb-26 17:38:10 -0500, Joe Auty <joe at> wrote:
>My system does boot off of disc 1 of the FreeBSD 6.2 CD.

That's a good start.  Together with your memtest results, it
suggests that your hardware is OK.

> However,  
>even when copying the /boot directory from the CD to my machine, it  
>still produces the same kernel panic, even when starting in safe  

Can you confirm that you have either deleted or renamed /boot before
replacing it with files from the CD.  An out-of-sync module does sound
the most likely problem.  If that doesn't help, please start DDB and
get a backtrace.

> I've run a memtest, and it checked out fine.

Note that memtest cannot prove that your system doesn't have a
problem.  There are far too many states that your system could
potentially be in.  DRAM is especially susceptable to pattern-
dependent and temporal glitches.

>There must be something in my user space or world that it barfs on. I  
>guess I will try a clean install and rebuild at some point...

If you're not sure where this is being triggered, you could try
adding 'rc_debug="YES"' to your rc.conf (or even a 'set -x' if
you are getting really desperate).  This will make the boot sequence
far more verbose.

Peter Jeremy
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