Outlook With FreeBSD IMAP

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Mon Feb 26 15:14:19 UTC 2007

Steve Bertrand wrote:
>> anyway - outlook doesn't work well anytime, especially with imap. 
>> simply don't use it, thunderbird for windows works good with imap.
> This is not as feasible as stated. Changing 500 users from Outlook to 
> something they have likely never seen is always a nightmare, even if the 
> subtleties are small.
> Try explaining that to upper management..."uh, we are getting rid of 
> your Outlook, as well as everyone elses because our server won't work 
> with it. It should only take an hour per user to transfer everything 
> over to the new software, and most users will experience data loss 
> because not all parts are transferable." In short, it would cost less to 
> install Exchange than it would to migrate, train and re-create data for 
> that many users.
> To the OP...have you checked the log files on the server to check for 
> errors? I have numerous Outlook and OE users who use IMAP over SSL, and 
> SMTP Auth on port 587 (again with SSL). We do not use SPA. We use 
> courier-imap and qmail, and have vpopmail managing the multiple domains.
> Almost all of our domains have to use their full email address as 
> username. I have seen before however, that sometimes Outlook will try to 
> append their domain to the username (eg: user at domain.com\MSdomain or 
> something similar) so the problem may rest there.
> Depending on what IMAP server you use, the log file may be 
> /var/log/maillog. It should give you an idea of where to start looking.
> Steve

I honestly do think that MS Outlook complies as well as other IMAP 
clients, just like MS and their IE browser >_>...

For example, the University of Washington has the following for their 
email client page: 
http://www.washington.edu/computing/email/programs.html#configuring , 
and if you note the location of outlook (the bottom) along with the 
information "we don't support this", then maybe you get a hunch about 
how usable Outlook is with IMAP.

The UW uses uw-imap (whatever the latest version is) because they 
develop that mailserver.

I'd look at the directions a bit though, see what's going on, but yes 
authentication does work with SSL/TLS, and it works well from what I can 
understand. Otherwise other depts (like the one I was working for at the 
UW) would complain about not being to use Outlook, unless it was 
Exchange related.


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