Outlook With FreeBSD IMAP

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at ibctech.ca
Mon Feb 26 14:16:28 UTC 2007

> anyway - outlook doesn't work well anytime, especially with imap. simply 
> don't use it, thunderbird for windows works good with imap.

This is not as feasible as stated. Changing 500 users from Outlook to 
something they have likely never seen is always a nightmare, even if the 
subtleties are small.

Try explaining that to upper management..."uh, we are getting rid of 
your Outlook, as well as everyone elses because our server won't work 
with it. It should only take an hour per user to transfer everything 
over to the new software, and most users will experience data loss 
because not all parts are transferable." In short, it would cost less to 
install Exchange than it would to migrate, train and re-create data for 
that many users.

To the OP...have you checked the log files on the server to check for 
errors? I have numerous Outlook and OE users who use IMAP over SSL, and 
SMTP Auth on port 587 (again with SSL). We do not use SPA. We use 
courier-imap and qmail, and have vpopmail managing the multiple domains.

Almost all of our domains have to use their full email address as 
username. I have seen before however, that sometimes Outlook will try to 
append their domain to the username (eg: user at domain.com\MSdomain or 
something similar) so the problem may rest there.

Depending on what IMAP server you use, the log file may be 
/var/log/maillog. It should give you an idea of where to start looking.


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