dual monitors

John Nielsen lists at jnielsen.net
Sun Feb 25 18:58:33 UTC 2007

On Saturday 24 February 2007 23:34, Eric Stringer wrote:
> I've got FreeBSD 6.2 running with KDE 3.5 with an ATI 9700Pro card.  I
> have my 37" LCD TV attached to the digital out, and my 17" lcd monitor
> attached to the analog out.  In the console (not running X) it outputs
> the same thing to both TV and monitor, which is fine.  However, when I
> get into KDE it only outputs to my 17" monitor.  I really just want it to
> output to the TV, but dual monitors would be nice also.  Any advice would
> be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
> Eric
> Oh yea forgot to post the xorg.xonf file, here it is.  Also I have Xorg
> 6.9.0.

Start by reading "man 4x radeon" and pay close attention to anything it says 
about "MergedFB". Decide if there's any reason you don't want to or can't 
use that feature of the driver. If not, you probably want to go that route 
to get the performance bonus. Look around on the web for examples.

If you don't end up wanting or being able to use MergedFB then you should 
use Xinerama (X's multi-head software). You'll need to enable it with 
something like this:

Section "ServerFlags"
    Option         "Xinerama" "1"

Then you'll need to add an additional Screen item to your ServerLayout 
section (and specify the relationship between the two screens), then add 
additional "Device", "Monitor", and "Screen" sections to the file 
describing your second display. Again, there should be a lot of 
documentation and examples out there since (as Ted mentioned) this isn't 


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