Problems with mounting NFS share located on a Linux machine

Richard Krushelnitskiy r.krushelnitskiy at
Sun Feb 25 16:40:36 UTC 2007

On 2/25/07, Vince <jhary at> wrote:
> Just a guess but depending on the permissions of the directories, you
> may need to turn off 'root_squash' or set it to a user with read
> permissions, the linux man page for exports covers the linux syntax for
> this.
> Vince

Thanks for the response. I revised /etc/exports to include options
(all_squash, anonuid=1000, anongid=1000), which from my understanding
should map all users to the given UID and GID. Still the same story,
though; mounts just fine, but no files even though I know for sure
there's a folder chowned to 1000:1000.


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