Could we get the FreeBSD torrent servers back?

Chris Slothouber chris at
Sun Feb 25 08:29:37 UTC 2007

Andrew Lentvorski wrote:
> Chris Slothouber wrote:
>> But isn't the whole point of peer to peer file distribution to 
>> *distribute* the bandwidth requirements to the point that the costs 
>> involved for each of the individual peers is trivial but the client 
>> receiving the file still obtains full speed of a direct download?
> Yes, actually, it is.
> -a

I think it would then serve the interests of the FreeBSD community to 
establish a long-term file distribution plan that includes a proven peer 
to peer system, like torrent.

It really wouldn't take that much effort, and any bandwidth necessary 
for seeding, especially initial seeding, could be re-allocated out of 
what is already being used for direct downloads.

Since torrent is a rather widely-accepted means of downloading and 
clients are available for pretty much every platform, it could become 
the primary vector for distributing large binaries (such as ISOs) that 
put a sustained burden on the donated mirrors.

Direct downloads could still be offered for these files for 
compatibility's sake, albeit at a reduced rate, using shaping or 
whatever else.

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