Can't install win32-codecs

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Sat Feb 24 03:35:35 UTC 2007

Jeremy Gransden <jeremy.gransden at> wrote: 

 On 2/23/07, Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum <bg271828 at> wrote: Hi,

Im trying to get a new install going, and it wont let me install
win32-codecs (and therefor mplayer and xine and everything i 
need to watch multimedia). Its marked as "forbidden: remote
code execution". The URL it gives just shows why it can be

Is there any workaround, or a way to force this? Im willing to
 take the chance and i never view quicktime websites anyway,
and its hard not to watch movies on this new machine!



Taken from post October of last year:
    As per the ports(7) man page:

                   If defined, disable check for security vulnerabilities
                   using portaudit(1) (ports/security/portaudit) when 
                   installing new ports.


   cd /usr/ports/www/mozilla
 here is the post

Ah, thanks! I did search back to December or so but thought that
this would have come up then, and i checked UPDATING and there
was nothing there so i gave up. I should have checked further. Thanks
to you and to Kelly (separate reply, also worked) for getting me on
the right path.


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