Decompressing Emulecompressed Packets with Hardware

Y Sidhu ysidhu at
Fri Feb 23 16:14:41 UTC 2007

I am losing kernel and threaded packets when processing emulecompressed p2p
packets. This takes up a lot of the CPU and I am wondering if the
decompression, and other floating point processing, could be better
performed by a card such as a GPU, DSP, or a sound or video graphics cards?

I have tried Intel configurations such as 32 bit, 64 bit, dual cpu, dual
core, SCSI, SATA - they all bog down when these packets have to be
processed. I am running a modified FBSD 6.1 on UFS 1. I guess I am hoping
some one can point me in a direction to do more research. I am not looking
to re-write my code, I am looking to see if there I can introduce hardware
which can take over these math intensive threads.

Yudhvir Singh Sidhu
408 375 3134 cell

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