dualcore performance-smp technology

Benjamin Sobotta mayday at gmx.net
Fri Feb 23 12:52:16 UTC 2007

> Hi folks,
> FreeBSD-6.2-amd64
> Pls advice how to make FreeBSD fully utinize the benefit of dualcore. 
> In Linux I recompiled a smp-kernel then it used dualcore performance. 
> B.R.
> Stephen Liu


I suggest you have a look at the output of "dmesg". More often than not, SMP functionality is already enabled. Another way to figure out how many processors are active, check "sysctl hw.ncpu". If the output of the latter is one, you make a new kernel in FreeBSD as well. There should be a configuration called "SMP" already available. Consult the manual to see how compiling a kernel is done in detail.



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