Transparent redirect to another interface ?

Frank Bonnet f.bonnet at
Fri Feb 23 10:41:33 UTC 2007

Chuck Swiger wrote:

> Configuring the two interfaces with two different IP addresses is no 
> problem at all, presuming that these IP addresses reside in different 
> subnets.  If both IPs reside in the same subnet, you are better off 
> configuring the second IP as an alias on the first interface, and using 
> the second NIC for some other purpose.
> You can do other things, such as using ng_fec to perform "port 
> trunking", or using IPFW or some other thing to manually force traffic 
> out of the other interface, but it's unlikely to result in much benefit.
Thanks for the infos , I'll try the port trunking if it is compatible
with Cisco switches ?

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