How to build program with debug symbols

Gerard gerard at
Thu Feb 22 21:03:38 UTC 2007


I need to know how to build a program with debugging symbols. The
problem I am having is that claws-mail-2.7.2 continually crashes but
does not display any debug symbols. I talked with the claws-mail people,
and they advised me to build a version with debug symbols since the
output I supplied them was useless without it. Their suggestion was that
I build from a tarball and use the proper ‘config’ flags to get debug
symbols included in the program. The problem is that I would rather not
mess with that scenario, but rather use the port version instead. The
port version does have an option to build a debug version, but
apparently, the symbols are stripped out when the program is installed.

The port maintainer suggested that I use this is the Makefile:

	"STRIP= #empty"

However, he is not even sure if it will work. I just want to find out
what the best way to go about this is so that I can get this problem



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