binary updating 6.0-6.2

Robin Becker robin at
Thu Feb 22 15:35:21 UTC 2007

I see from the latest announcement that freebsd-update is now in the base system 
for 6.2. Following the links I see there's a procedure for 6.0-61. and another 
for 6.1-6.2 binary updating.

In the past I have always dumped all my files and /etc /usr/local/etc done a 
completely fresh install, reinstalled files and manually hacked any of the 
modified system files. Then follows a long process of updating the ports tree 
and rebuilding the ports I need.

Clearly I will still dump all my files in case anything horrific goes wrong. But 
can I update 6.0-6.1 6.1-6.2 with a reasonable hope of success.

The very first step seems the hardest since I have been using freebsd-update 
already in my 6.0 system and the kernel is no longer a 6.0-RELEASE, but 
6.0-SECURITY FreeBSD and a warning in the notes on the 6.1-6.2 update process 
says I need a GENERIC or SMP kernel. Does the updater know about updates?

Does the updater squirrel away copies of the updated files so a last ditch 
attempt at status quo restoration can be made?

Also do my existing ports continue to work with the new kernel?
Robin Becker

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