ssh to VMS - terminal problems

perryh at perryh at
Thu Feb 22 14:54:27 UTC 2007

> > yes - VMS only knows about DEC-compatible terminals.  None of
> > the *BSD console emulators do well enough to be usable on VMS.
> > 
> > xterm supports ANSI color, VT220 emulation and UTF-8
> > There's an faq at
> >
> >

Which is fine if one doesn't mind having to fire up X.  Another
possible approach would be to run ports/sysutils/screen, which
"should" provide a decent VT100 over just about anything with a
terminfo better than "dumb" or "unknown" :)

> So, what was pcvt driver designed for? I understood from the man
> pages that it is supposed to be compartible with DEC function keys?

Generating the escape sequences for the DEC function keys is one
thing.  Handling all the escape sequences that VMS throws at it
is another.

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