64-bits platform question

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at optushome.com.au
Thu Feb 22 07:11:49 UTC 2007

Bill Moran <wmoran at collaborativefusion.com> wrote:
>On a side note -- a LOT of people have been making this mistake recently.
>Can anyone think of a way to make it more obvious that people are downloading
>the wrong isos?

The cheapest solution is probably having a pile of symlinks on the FTP
site so that everywhere "amd64" appears under pub/FreeBSD, there is an
equivalent "em64t" name that just points to it (existing symlinks,
directories and ISO images).  Maybe add some bigger notes that the
"amd64" distribution should be used on EM64T CPUs.

Possibly a README file in the most used ia64 directories noting that
if you have an EM64T, you are in the wrong place.

Peter Jeremy
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