Enet driver for Marvell

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Thu Feb 22 05:48:33 UTC 2007

That driver isn't in FreeBSD 6.2 release

you can get it here for 6.2 plus instructions to install it:


It will be in FBSD 7

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> Hello;
> A while ago, a matter of a few months I inquired of this list regarding
> installation of FreeBSD v6.0 on ASUS M2N32 WS Pro motherboard.
> I was not able to set up dual ethenet inter faces as the only option
> presented by sysinstall when configuring enet interface was
> fw30 as firewire ethernet emulation. I was advise to upgrade to v6.2
> which I have just done. I still do not have more than the fwe interface
> presented.
> The response to the original message, I can not find, but I was told
> that the motherboard was probably one with new Marvell interfaces.
> Now, I have looked at the features listed on the motherboard package
> and there it is;
> 2x Marvell 88E1116 PHY
> Is there a driver that has to be activated by kernel config setting or
> what is the status of support for this hardware in FreeBSD?
> I just looked through the supported hardware/ethernet devices for
> the i386 architecture and did not find any reference to Marvell.
> I purchase a cd set of v6.2 cds from FreeBSD Mall (not inplying
> any criticism, just that it represents a method of contribution to
> this project).
> This is frustrating because this machine is supposed to be a production
> web server. Hardware including dual 15K SCSI drives and adapter  has run
> in the neighborhood of $1000 and it still is not useful for it'
> intended purpose
> Any info or advice appreciated
> Thanks in advance;
> Jeff K
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