help needed setting up NATIVE ipv6 connection

Arone Silimantia aronesimi at
Wed Feb 21 19:32:17 UTC 2007


Björn König <bjoern.koenig at> wrote:>> ifconfig_fxp4="inet "
>> ifconfig_fxp4_alias0="inet "
>> ifconfig_fxp4_alias1="inet6 1234:1234:1234::2/64"
>> ifconfig_fxp4_alias2="inet6 1234:1234:1234::3/64"
> Ok, yes, I think I would like to do it manually like
> this.  I notice you do not have a ipv6 default route
> statement there - is it not needed ?

Sorry, I forgot that.


Thank you so much - this all worked perfectly.

So now I have rebooted, I have a ipv6 address and default route in place.  I assume I just need to put an ipv6 line into /etc/resolv.conf so that ipv6 name lookups will work, and then I am done ?

At this point can people make ssh connections to my server ?  Or is there more to it than simply defining an IP and a gateway ?


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