PF slowing down file copies

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Wed Feb 21 18:01:29 UTC 2007

On Feb 21, 2007, at 9:41 AM, José Pablo Fernández wrote:
>> This might be an MTU problem. Is the MTU set to 1500 everywhere?
>> You can try using a smaller MTU - like 1400 - on two computers,
>> try a transfer and if that works, you'll have to check the
>> switches involved.
> Where is/should the MTU be set?

You can do "ifconfig re0 mtu 1400" directly from the command line  
(replace "re0" with whatever nic's you have), or configure it in the  
ifconfig line(s) in your /etc/rc.conf.

>> Also, what's going on when you disable pf?
> When I disable PF I can't reach outside because that is what is in  
> charge of
> NATing, but I can reach the other network, and the copy just works.

Perhaps try commenting out your "scrub in" line, and see whether PF's  
re-writing of the packets is screwing something up....


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