Simon Chang simonychang at
Tue Feb 20 16:17:53 UTC 2007

By "LTSP", I assume you mean Linux Terminal Server Project.  You
really should have spelled out what the letters "LTSP" stand for, to
save the aggravation of someone who is trying to help you.

FreeBSD can run many Linux applications, but you will need to enable
Linux support.  Please refer to the FreeBSD handbook on how to enable
the necessary support.  You also need to tell us:

1)  What steps you have tried,
2)  Whether you have bothered reading the manuals,
3)  What error message(s) you are seeing.

This is not an LTSP support forum; it's a FreeBSD support forum.  We
can help you get Linux support enabled, but you really should seek
help with LTSP, not here.


On 2/19/07, mei fitra indra <indra_g4ul at> wrote:
> > can i use LTSP 4.1 on BSD??
>  > How to install LTSP4.1??
>  > first step i was success install freeBSD...
>  > the seconde step i don't no what i will do...?
>  > please help me...
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