How Do I Surf To My Server?

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On Feb 19, 2007, at 7:15 AM, Drew Jenkins wrote:

>Can you tell us more about your home set-up?  Presumably you have  
>some sort of router doing NAT and DHCP?  Tell us about it.

I had, but perhaps in a different thread, so forgive me for not putting it here before. I have DHCP, a satellite dish to which both computers are linked.

>If you don't know IP address of your internal server, than chances  
>are that it was assigned via DHCP by your router.  For what you want  
>to do, you should probably reconfigure the server with a specific  
>internal IP address instead of having it assigned.

I do have the IP address, and no doubt it was assigned. I found it using ifconfig. Is that the correct way to do it?

>Assuming that I've guessed correctly about your set-up:
>First find out from your router what the the range of the "DHCP pool"  
>is.  Look at the DHCP configuration on your router.  Then pick an  
>address that is NOT in that range but still part of your local  
>network.  Then use sysinstall on your FreeBSD box to give it that IP  

If ifconfig isn't the way to do that, could you specify how? sysinstall is a GUI, so it'll just ask me a question, or I'll have to look on a chart to find what I need, right? Easy, right?

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