Backup using dump and restore from dvd - restore cd loaded to ram ?drive?

Milan Knizek knizek at
Mon Feb 19 18:38:13 UTC 2007

On Monday 19 February 2007 16:29, Oliver Fromme wrote:
> knizek at wrote:

> A simpler solution for your restore problem would be
> to simply use a standard FreeBSD installation CD,
> then make a minimal installation on your hard disk
> so you have all the tools that you need, then restore
> your actual backups.

How does restore behave when restoring to a live root file system (despite the 
recommended split of /, swap, /usr, ... I am using a single partition of 
freebsd slice for the complete system + swap + encrypted partition for some 
data + different hdd for photos)?

I want to be sure that the restored system is exactly the same as on backup, 
that is to preferrably use -r option.

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