Can I Mount A Windoze Drive?

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Mon Feb 19 14:00:00 UTC 2007

Drew Jenkins wrote:

>> For some reason, I can no longer mount the Windoze drive! The first 
 >> time I mounted it, I didn't even change the fstab! I just issued
 >> the command:
>> mount_ntfs /dev/ad0s1 /mnt/win
>> and it mounted! I copied off everything I thought I needed. But 
 >> when I tried to go back in, that didn't work. So I added
 >> the line suggested below to /etc/fstab and I still
 >> can't mount it! Rebooting doesn't help. What am I missing?
>> TIA,
>> Drew
 > Here is the dialogue:
 > # mount_ntfs /dev/ad0s1 /mnt/win
 > #mount_ntfs: /mnt No such file or directory
 > Drew

Does "/mnt" truly not exist?  `ls -l / | grep mnt`, perhaps?
What about /dev/ad0s1?

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