How to play MPEG2-TS

Marc Fonvieille blackend at
Mon Feb 19 10:04:31 UTC 2007

On Sun, Feb 18, 2007 at 11:14:26AM +0100, Erik Norgaard wrote:
> Hi:
> How do I play mpeg2 transport stream video? I have tried with vlc, 
> ffplay and mplayer and all dumps. The video shows fine on Windows with 
> mplayer, what libraries or options do I need to set to enable mpeg2-ts 
> on FreeBSD?

Weird cause the "default" vlc plays fine all TS, as example it's used in
France to play TS streams from ADSL TVs.  But vlc crashed, for me, when
I treid to play files with a filename using non-iso8859-1 chars and

For mplayer with the following config it works fine:

% make showconfig
===> The following configuration options are available for
     DEBUG=off "Include debug symbols in mplayer's binary files"
     RTCPU=on "Let mplayer dynamically check for CPU features"
     OCFLAGS=on "Use optimized compiler flags"
     MENCODER=on "Support encoding of multimedia files"
     IPV6=on "Include inet6 network support"
     X11=on "Enable X11 support for mplayer's video output"
     GUI=on "Enable GTK2 graphical user interface with X11"
     SDL=off "Enable SDL video output"
     VIDIX=on "Enable VIDIX video output on supported archs"
     NVIDIA=off "Enable experimental nvidia xvmc driver"
     SKINS=on "Force dependency on mplayer-skins"
     FREETYPE=on "Use freetype for OSD fonts (TrueType!)"
     RTC=off "Add support for kernel real time clock timing"
     ARTS=off "Enable KDE sound system support"
     ESOUND=off "Enable GNOME esound support"
     JACK=off "Enable JackIt audio server support"
     POLYP=off "Enable polyp sound server support"
     NAS=off (default) "Enable NAS sound server support"
     OPENAL=off "Enable OpenAL sound support"
     LIBUNGIF=on "Enable gif support"
     AALIB=off "Enable aalib support"
     LIBCACA=off "Enable libcaca support"
     SVGALIB=off "Enable svgalib support"
     LIBDV=off "Enable libdv support"
     MAD=on "Enable mad MPEG audio engine support"
     TWOLAME=on "Enable twolame MPEG audio codec support"
     DTS=on "Enable DTS audio codec support"
     LIBMPCDEC=off "Enable libmpcdec support"
     FAAC=on "Enable FAAC audio codec support"
     LADSPA=off "Enable LADSPA plugin support"
     SPEEX=on "Enable speex audio codec support"
     TREMOR=off "Use built-in tremor instead of libvorbis"
     XMMS=off "Enable XMMS plugin support"
     THEORA=on "Enable ogg theora video support"
     WIN32=on "Enable win32 codec set on the IA32 arch"
     X264=on "Enable x264 (H.264) video codec support"
     XANIM=off "Enable xanim DLL support"
     XVID=on "Enable XVID video codec support"
     REALPLAYER=on "Enable real player plugin"
     LIVEMEDIA=on "Enable LIVE555 streaming support"
     SMB=off (default) "Enable Samba input support"
     FRIBIDI=off "Enable FriBiDi support"
     LIRC=off "Enable lirc support"
     LIBCDIO=off "Enable libcdio support"
     CDPARANOIA=off "Enable cdparanoia support"
     LIBLZO=off "Enable external liblzo library"
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings

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